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7 Grand was founded during Christmas 2006. The original name was “7 Grand and a Dame” after a statement of intent that had little to do with music. But soon after, some members left the band and 7 Grand became the final name.

Iván Parra (vocalist), Santiago Fernández (trumpet–arrangements), Miguel Martín (keyboard–arrangements) and Luis Dávila (drums–percussion) had previously collaborated together at “La Noche del Cometa”, “The Orphidals” and “Yony Lingam”. It was the first manager of the Group – the unique Carlos Parra, brother of the vocalist – who got the four founders together in a party at his house where they agreed to create a band that should feed itself on the spring of soul, and be influenced by immortals such as Curtis Mayfield, Sly and the Family Stone or James Brown. That very day, 7 Grand decided to increase further its genre: not only would they limit themselves to soul but also include funk and disco music. “KC and the Sunshine Band”, Prince, “Earth Wind & Fire”, “Kool & the Gang” or “Bee Gees” would also be part of the band’s repertoire.

Strange though it may seem, before the party was over 7 Grand had already proposed R&B and rock groups such as “The Rolling Stones” or “Wild Cherry”, giving rise to what the band’s first bassist (L.A. Rodríguez, ex “LNDC”) defined as a repertoire worth of a schizo. And it was precisely this schizoid choice that made Rodríguez abandon the project eighteen months later to start a new life and a career by himself.

At the beginning of 2007, rehearsals were under way to be able to sign a contract with Madrid’s Liberata nightclub. The chosen premises were “El Cielo de Madrid” – a down and out city quarter, home of drug dealers and seldom visited by the unwelcome police. A neighbourhood of immigrants, hookers and crooks. But it was also the background where William Holmes evolved – one of the voices with more “punch” that 7 Grand ever heard. During June 2016, the band plans to render a tribute to Mr Holmes.

Regular participants to these rehearsals were: Carlos X (guitar–ex Moving Pictures); Chity X (vocals–percussion, ex Moving Pictures); L.A. Rodríguez (bassist–vocals); Fernando Fermoso (percussion–vocals); and Julio Ávalos (trumpet–vocals).

The contract that the band signed with Liberata meant the consolidation of the project and 7 Grand got immediately involved with the recording of its first studio work and two video clips. Charlie Parker was the director of these last – a producer that had previously collaborated with “Life Pursuit” directing videos and as manager.

By then, Marco Niemitz (bassist–arrangements) had substituted Rodríguez; and Andrés Duende (El Dorado guitar) had taken the place of Carlos X after he and Chity X left following discrepancies with the Group.
The schizophrenic repertoire and the video clip worked better than expected and as a result the band was invited in 2010 and 2012 to play during the “Dia del Orgullo Gay” (Pride parade) at the Plaza del Rey in Madrid. They were also contracted as the resident band of the well-known Honky Tonk concert hall.

In 2016 with Luis Molina at bass and Diego Zamorano (ex LNDC) playing the guitar, 7 Grand was getting ready for a good 2017 and possible Spanish tour – and, let’s hope, the European one.

After the temporary leave from Santi to Holland and Julio to England, we have 3 new members: Loida and Alex on brass and Dani on bass. It is with this new formation with which 7 Grand will begin his contract with the Berlin Cabaret to perform 12 concerts.